About Wise Words Consulting

With more than 20 years experience, Founder and Principal, Ginny Beatty, values teamwork, creativity, attention to detail, timelessness and the success that comes with effectively planning and organizing a project. Detailed plans make her technical writing and documentation management projects run smoothly and allow her to meet deadlines.

Wise Words Consulting provides technical writing and documentation consulting to companies of all sizes. We have experience working in the many industries, including software, telecommunications, manufacturing, government, online services and Web 2.0. We understands and are comfortable working with highly technical source material and interacting independently with engineers and other technical specialists.

Wise Words Consulting manages documentation projects, writes step-by-step instruction and develops processes and procedures. Ginny also writes print and web content for users guides, developing technologies, scripts, product descriptions, creative writing special projects, training guides for software and more.

Ginny enjoys the creative process of collaborating, mentoring and working on teams, but also works well independently. Her recipe for success has been to follow a system for every project: plan, execute, track and repeat.

If you would like to get to know more about Ginny’s technical writing and project management skills and experience, please e-mail her at ginbeatty@gmail.com.