Mastermind groups offer support and accountability for business owners

When you venture out into your own business, often you leave behind the support of staff status meetings, advisory groups, and boards of directors. But you do not have to go it alone. Seek out a Mastermind group.

What excites me about participating in a Mastermind group is the opportunity to participate in the success of others. It also gives me a venue to share my opportunities and challenges with developing my business.

Masterminds take many forms.  They can be focused and selective, or open and flexible. I attend a Mastermind hosted by Rippling Effect ( Participants commit one hour of their life a week in person – for you. And you do the same for them.

Active participation makes the group worthwhile and successful.  A diverse group of professionals attend on a regular basis, all there committed to helping each other achieve success. The one I attend has among its participants at least two centuries of collective business experience at all levels and types of businesses, including:

  • Executive leadership and business coaches
  • Wellness practitioners – massage therapists, holistic health coaches, yoga instructors, nutritionists
  • Franchise owners
  • Social media trainers and strategists
  • Website developers
  • Writers
  • IT consultants
  • Financial and  Insurance planners
  • Attorneys
  • Custom furniture designers
  • Multi-level marketers
  • Residual Income trainers and developers
  • Chamber of commerce directors

Masterminds can meet anywhere that can host a small group of 10-12 for about an hour or however long the group facilitator wants to hold the meeting.  Local cafes and coffee shops are popular places to meet, since you can support a fellow small business owner while meeting.

Mastermind groups do not push referrals. There are other organizations for that. Referrals may be a by-product of participating in this group; it is not the primary objective.

If you do not currently belong to one, find one or start one yourself. Start with or LinkedIn and go from there.

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One Response to Mastermind groups offer support and accountability for business owners

  1. Darrah says:

    Great job! I love how you worded the power of the Mastermind. One thing that I love is when I help another business owner, it give me time to take my own advice and implement something I forgot in my business.

    Plus there is something to be said for the “water cooler” brainstorming that can help your business!

    Thanks for the great blog Ginny!

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