Adventures in naming a business

To give something a name gives it power and meaning. This is also true with company names.

Is how I identify myself any different than the name of a business? Maybe.
To explain what I do is probably easier. I write. A lot. I’ve been writing since I was 9 – short stories, articles, presentations, comic book fiction, procedures, training, and technical documentation.

I have often said I got paid to write fiction when I’m doing technical writing, because once the product was on the shelf, it was obsolete.

Weeding out names is easy thanks to web search engines. If your Google-fu is strong, you can hopefully find a cool name that no one else has used yet. I suggest trying different combinations of the name just in case it’s closely associated with a product or service that is something else entirely.

I spent the morning on this great adventure in naming.

My Own Name

Now, I suppose I could have gone with my “brand” as Beatty Consulting, LLC. That ties my given name to what I do. Not terribly exciting but it’s easy. However, it’s already taken. Google search reveals a lot about Warren Beatty. More than I want to know. Moving along.


Anything with “tech” in the name, forget it. The web is saturated with tech. blah blah blah.

Writing /writer

Everyone writes in some form. Some actually get paid to do it correctly.


My personal motto is Fides, Pertinacia et Ignis (faith determination and fire). Now, this might work; however, non-Latin pronunciation could be confusing. This is all about brand recognition after all.
Fides (fee-des) though some might pronounce it fydes with long I (hard to pronounce)
Pertinacia – bit confusing and does not roll easily off the tongue, unless you speak Latin.
Ignis is a possibility, but it’s also a WoW character. Although, potential clients might be gamers and would have appreciated the humor.

Similar companies exist with Ignis in their name, and they are either consulting or software development companies. Too close for comfort.


Green is popular these days, all eco-friendly and all that. Not my favorite color.

Red. Red Pen – lots of combinations associated with red pens and writers.

Teal is my favorite color, but doesn’t evoke a lot of imagery for my name. It could be a cool logo color though.


The Phoenix is popular imagery associated with of rising from the ashes into a new business. My Dad’s old consulting name was Phoenix Associates. I know a local business consultant who is using phoenix in her name, so moving on.

Dragons are popular and powerful creatures. I like them personally, as my Chinese horoscope is a Wood Dragon. Maybe it will be part of my logo.

What Else?

So I continued my search. Well, what else? I like to cook too, so looked around for writing and food. I could do food writing I suppose, but it’s not my core business. There are lots of references to “will write for food.” I kept going.

The Big Idea

I took a break and sat for a while. Words, words, words all around. Bookshelves full of words.

Wise Words Consulting bubbles out of my subconscious. Searching Google and the Ohio Secretary of State sites shows it’s not taken! Hurray! It felt good when I said it a couple dozen times. I bounced it off my dad and a few friends. The name seems to resonate, so here it is – taa daaa!!!

Wise Words Consulting, LLC

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One Response to Adventures in naming a business

  1. Thanks for this post. I entirely agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my father so may this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

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